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Product Line

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Aquatech Polishing Pad
p/n: 101P
$17.50 p2.jpg (21266 bytes) Aquatech's professional high speed foam buffing pads are curved 9" solid foam with a loop backing and center arbor hole. This allows quiick attachment and precise balancing to Aquatech's backing plate (#102) . Yellow foam is the least dense foam for cut/compounding. Green foam is for mild compounding/polishing. The blue foam pad has the highest density for final polishing and a high gloss, swirl free finish.

Aquatech Backing Plate Part
p/n: 102
$32.00 Aquatech's Backing Plate is design with a hook and loop back for fast and easy attachment of our buffing pad. This allows the user to use several pads without having to unscrew a conventional pad. Its flexible foam center creates maximum pad flexibility during buffing.


16 oz

Aquatech Premier Polish
p/n 201
16 oz. $15.75 premierpolish.jpg (36756 bytes) Aquatech's Premier Polish is a polymer formulated to clean, shine and protect gelcoat, paint and metal surfaces.  Due to its extremely tight molecular bond it forms a barrier that dirt, black streaks, spider droppings and acid rain will not penetrate, giving the surface months of protection.


Available in 5 gallon pail.  Please contact us if interested.  Price $399.00


Gallon $80.00

16 oz

Aquatech Wax Applicator Part
p/n 250
$2.20 The Aquatech Wax Applicator is a 4" x 5" terry cloth covered sponge used to apply compound or polish to a gelcoat or painted surface. Its 100% cotton terry cloth exterior provides multiple uses and will not scratch the surfaces it is used on. When the applicator becomes dirty, simply wash out with soap or Aquatech Concentrated Marine Cleaner Rinse thoroughly


Aquatech Aluminum & Stainless Polish
p/n: 301
$9.90 Aquatech's Aluminum and Stainless Polish is a felt type material designed to clean all types of marine metals. It removes oxidation, light rust, and corrosion on stainless, anodized aluminum and chrome. To use, simply remove a small portion of felt from the can. Rub metal surface until dirt and tarnish is removed. Wipe clean with a cotton cloth. You may replace felt into the can for further use until it becomes dry. Do not use on lacquered or plated surfaces.


Marine Vinyl & Soft Top Dressing
p/n # 401
16 oz. $11.90

Aquatech's Marine Vinyl and Soft Top Dressing is formulated to restore luster and water repellency to all marine cushions, tops, cockpit coamings and other marine vinyl materials. It will actually dry on the material and withstand multiple washings while providing excellent UV protection. Shake well and use soft cloth or sponge to apply. Note: Not recommended for fabric or canvas. Clean surface with Part # 707 before applying.


Available in 5 gallon pail.  Please contact us if interested.  Price $258.00

Gallon $57.25

Water Repellent
p/n: 450
16 oz. $19.50



Aquatech's Water Repellent will restore the water repellency to your old canvas, stopping those annoying drips and leaky seams, for up to 12 months from application. It contains no silicones, which will attract dirt and leave your canvas feeling oily. Aquatech's Water Repellent will also help retard the growth of mildew. To apply, simply wash canvas and allow to dry completely. Next, spray Aquatech Water Repellent onto canvas only and allow to dry. We are confident that you will find Aquatech's Water Repellent to have superior quality and longevity in it's unique formula.


Available in 5 gallon pail.  Please contact us if interested.  Price $324.00

Gallon $72.00

Aquatech Boatwash Concentrate
p/n: 501
32 oz. $12.75 boatwashconc.jpg (28343 bytes) Aquatech's Boatwash Concentrate is a unique soap formulated to clean and shine your boat's exterior. It removes diesel smoke as well as black streaks, while not stripping the protective finish. It may be diluted in a pail of water or used directly on a soft brush or wash mitt. To use, first wet area to be cleaned, wash with Aquatech Boatwash and rinse thoroughly This soap will decrease water spots and streaking; however, drying with a chamois will enhance its finish.


Available in 5 gallon pail.  Please contact us if interested.  Price $148.50

Gallon $32.95

Aquatech Wash Mitt
p/n: 525

Aquatech's Wash Mitt is made of a 100% cotton blend which allows you to clean your boats surface without scratching or removing its protective finish.

Aquatech Dry Plus Chamois
p/n: 551
Standard Size

Aquatech's Dry Plus Chamois is a superb blend of synthetic fibers that cleans and dries all marine surfaces easily. It's durability enables to be machine washable, yet it will not scratch the surface of your boat or remove it's protective finish.
XL Size

Aquatech Ultra High Gloss Polish
p/n: 601
16 oz. $15.50

Aquatech's Ultra High Gloss Polish is a special blend of polymers formulated to be used with a machine buffer It has a very slow drying time to enable maximum workability and bonding to the surface. While removing oxidation, swirl marks, and minor scratches, it produces a very durable acrylic-like glossy finish that will withstand multiple washings. To use, shake well and apply with a wax applicator or brush. For best results work area immediately with machine buffer, allow to dry and rebuff or wipe with cotton cloth. (May also be applied by hand with clean pad.)


Available in 5 gallon pail.  Please contact us if interested.  Price $315.00

Gallon $69.00

Aquatech Polishing Compound
p/n: 606
16 oz. $12.75

Aquatech's Polishing Compound is a specially designed compound formulated to remove oxidation and fine scratches from gelcoat and painted surfaces. It leaves a clean, highly polished finish that should be protected with Aquatech's Fiberglass Polish and Cleaner (Part # 201) or Aquatech Ultra High Gloss Polish (Part # 601). It is recommended that the compound be applied and removed with a machine buffer for best results, however, light oxidation may be removed by hand. To use, clean surface to be compounded. Shake well and apply to small area with a wax applicator, soft cloth, or brush. Immediately buff area until no compound remains. Repeat process if any oxidation or scratches remain.


Available in 5 gallon pail.  Please contact us if interested.  Price $131.00

Gallon $61.00

Aquatech Glass Cleaner & Protectant
p/n: 701
16 oz. $9.75

Aquatech's Glass Cleaner and Protectant cleans, shines, and protects while leaving a protective water repellent finish. It is also great for quick clean-ups and protecting Plexiglass and Lexan enclosures and other nonporous surfaces. To use, simply spray onto surface and wipe dry with a cotton cloth.


Available in 5 gallon pail.  Please contact us if interested.  Price $131.00

Gallon $29.00

Enclosure Clear Cleaner & Protectant
p/n: 750
16 oz. $10.50 enclosureclear.jpg (30906 bytes) Enclosure Clear Cleaner and Protectant is specially formulated to clean, shine and protect all types of clear vinyl enclosures while leaving a water repellant finish. Enclosure Clear Cleaner and Protectant contains no ammonia or alcohol that will break down and cloud the enclosure material. Regular use of this product will help remove and keep water stains from building.


Available in 5 gallon pail.  Please contact us if interested.  Price $140.00.

Gallon $31.00  

16 oz

Aquatech Buff and Cut p/n: 616 16 oz. $17.50   Aquatech's Buff and Cut Compound is a water soluble compound that's formulated to remove severe oxidation and scratches from gelcoat and paint. Use a brush or wax applicator to apply compound to surface to be buffed. Do no more than several sq. feet at a time. In direct sunlight you may use water in a mist type spray bottle to keep compound damp. This will increase buffing time, since @ is most effective when kept moist. Aquatech's Glass Cleaner will also work well as a "buffing spray". Machine Buff area (2200-2500 RPM'S) with Aquatech's Compound pad until no compound remains. Wipe clean with cotton cloth. Repeat if necessary. If oxidation is less severe, cutting 9 compound / surface restorer can be used in conjunction or thinned with Aquatech Polishing Compound. Follow up by using Aquatech's Ultra High Gloss Polish for an super glossy finish that is surpassed by none. Note: For OEM's Buff and Cut works extremely well to remover styrene and wax build-up on production molds and plugs.


Available in 5 gallon pail.  Please contact us if interested.  Price $313.50

Gallon $66.00  

Aquatech Concentrated Marine Cleaner
p/n: 707
16 oz. $9.50 concmarinecleaner.jpg (29514 bytes) Aquatech's Concentrated Marine Cleaner is a multipurpose spray that penetrates and cleans many types of marine surfaces. It works well on all fiberglass, vinyl, and nonskid surfaces and is also an excellent degreaser Simply spray onto a soft cloth or area to be cleaned and wipe or rinse clean. If area is heavily soiled repeat the above steps. If used to clean vinyl, follow with Aquatech Marine Vinyl and Soft Top Dressing. Note: Due to various grades of marine surfaces and materials; it is recommended that an in-conspicuous area be tested first. Note: Not recommended for glass, or plastic enclosures.


Available in 5 gallon pail.  Please contact us if interested.  Price $121.00

Gallon $26.00

Aquatech Rust & Stain Remover Gel p/n: 850 16 oz. $14.50

Aquatech Rust & Stain Remover is an accelerated gel formula that creates a synergy between the product and stain without having any detrimental effects on the surfaces' finish. It safely removes stains, rust and hard water spots from marine grade paint, gelcoat and metal surfaces while also helping to slow hidden stains from returning to the surface. The thick gel formula allows the product to remain on the surface where applied to dissolve the stain. Aquatech Rust & Stain Remover Gel has been professionally lab tested on marine polyurethane yacht finishes with no loss of paint gloss or paint hardness found.
Gallon $60.00

Aquatech Waterspot Remover p/n: 801 16 oz. $14.75

Aquatech's Water Spot Remover For Glass easily removes water spots from glass that occur due to impurities found in water It does not contain harsh chemicals or abrasives that will etch or haze glass. Apply to a small section of glass with a soft cloth or wax applicator using a circular motion. Wipe clean and protect with Aquatech Glass Cleaner and Protectant. Repeat process if necessary. Note: Some water spots that have been on glass for a prolonged period of time may need to be machine buffed. Note: Some spots may be etched in by age and may never totally come out Note: May be used on Lexan or Plexiglass but due to different grades, a small inconspicuous area should be tested first.


Available in 5 gallon pail.  Please contact us if interested.  Price $285.75.

Gallon $63.50

16 oz

Aquatech Instant Marine Detailer with Spider Guard
p/n: 899
16oz. $17.95 product899.jpg (21075 bytes) Aquatech's New Instant Marine Detailer with Spider Guard is formulated to instantly clean and shine exterior marine surfaces (paint, metal & fiberglass) as well as aid in repelling against the invasion of spiders and other insects on your marine craft. It also adds a superior gloss and durability to all exterior polished surfaces.
Gallon $86.40

Aquatech Marine Maintenance Kit
p/n: 910i
$71.50  aquatechsmall.jpg (15898 bytes) The Aquatech Marine Maintenance Kit is a 2-1/2 gallon white poly pail with handle and recloseable lid that contains a 32 oz. bottle of Aquatech Boatwash Concentrate, a Wash Mitt, Wax Applicator, and an Aquatech Dry Plus Chamois, a 16 oz. bottle of #701 Glass Cleaner and Protectant, and a 16 oz. bottle of #201 Premier Polish.  

Marine Detailers Kit
p/n: 920i
Contains one of each of the following: a 16 oz. bottle of #616 Buff and Cut, a 16 oz. bottle of #606 Polishing Compound, a 16 oz. bottle of #601 Ultra High Gloss Polish, a 16 oz. bottle of #801 Water Spot Remover, a 16 oz. bottle of #201 Premier Polish, and two # 250 wax applicators all packaged in a 5 gallon pail with Aquatech logo 




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